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Our Story

The Texas Brotherhood Ride which was founded in 2014 continues the tradition of Honor, Dedication and Pride that is inspired by The Brotherhood Ride based in Naples, FL.

Since 2014, we have honored the memory and sacrifice of over 500 Emergency First Responders which includes; firefighters, law enforcement officers and emergency medical personnel. Our team has traveled on bicycles over 5,000 miles, through 4 states and assisted by countless emergency first responders who have shown the true meaning of Brotherhood.

Through riding for the honorees and fundraising efforts, our aim is to provide emotional and financial support to their families and co-workers.

Our riders must all be first responders and are required to have either a road or tri bike. Just like in our profession, we continue the teamwork aspect during the ride – riding together, eating together and bunking together.

Our support personnel are divided into full time members and part time members. With the lead of the Support Coordinator, support members keep things rolling.  Support members may not be riding, but they are the backbone of our organization.

The Texas Brotherhood Ride is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity organization. Other than the cost of conducting the rides, all donated proceeds go directly to the beneficiaries designated. No one is compensated for their time and all our team members sacrifice their own time with their family and work to participate in our events.